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4 Effective Boutique Hotel Marketing Tips to Increase Revenue

Hotel investment can be tricky, even for experienced investors and entrepreneurs. Once you have established your boutique hotels in Mexico, what then? How do you drum up business and entice tourists to stop by, especially if you have selected a remote location to focus on? 

Deciding where to start can feel overwhelming. You could establish an email network, sending advertisements and newsletters through the internet to people who have been found interested in what you offer. You could rewrite your website to work with analytical data, helping you appear at the top of the web search. That would grant necessary exposure!

But what about when the tourists finally arrive? When you bring
people in, what keeps them hooked? What makes your boutique hotels in Mexico better than other boutique hotels in Mexico?
As the leader in hotel investments and boutique hotels in Mexico, Namron Hospitality has devised the top four practical boutique hotel marketing tips to increase your revenue and establish long-term clients and partners.

Here is where you start:

11 Advantages of Boutique Hotel Management

Embrace Local Uniqueness

Wherever you are in Mexico, you should find that boutique hotels can be customized to embrace the local uniqueness of the city or town it inhabits. Places such as Tulum or Mazunte are locations most tourists know nothing about–they’re journeying there, usually, to learn about the culture and the people.
What better way to help them choose one of your boutique hotels in Mexico than by providing local amenities and flair unique to your location?

Local Amenities

What makes your part of Mexico special? Is it the food, the people, or the landscape? Whatever it is, put local amenities into your boutique hotels. If the area is located in a beautiful out-of-the-way spot, plaster advertisements for it everywhere, such as special sheets produced by the locals, chairs in a unique style to the municipality, or drinks and beverages that are local favorites alongside traditional and expected amenities.

Local Flair

Mexico is huge and varied, filled with many wonderful places to visit and things to see. The cuisine is one of those great experiences that people love to try, and your boutique hotels should have a unique menu catering to what makes them special across all of the Yucatan. When it comes to your hotel, an investment in local flair can be something as simple as unique menu items using ingredients from the surrounding area or drinks inspired by local traditions or histories. Tourists and travelers love the uniqueness and are sure to come back or recommend others to visit your boutique hotels in Mexico.

For your hotel, an investment in decorations can pay dividends for your tourists. Foliage, art, and designs from your local area give a uniqueness to your boutique hotels that no one else can atch–because they do not have access to the site you do! Make it unique, enjoyable, and fun for everyone who walks through your door.

Create a story

When tourists visit boutique hotels in Mexico, they want to know the story. They want to see the area. Every good hotel has a story–especially if it is a unique place and not a named brand. In
Mexico, boutique hotels should feel special to Mexico and its surrounding area, especially when creating a story about it.

Think Locally

Everything with boutique hotels in Mexico is about the uniqueness and locale of the Yucatan. Why does your hotel exist? What is the story behind it? These questions will entice the intrepid explorer and tourist to dig deeper and embrace the history you are trying to share–while ensuring they have a story to tell back home that drives business to your boutique hotels.

What to Ask Yourself About:

  • What is the history of Mexico and your boutique hotels?
  • Why is the area significant to warrant visitation?
  • What makes your story memorable and unique?
  • Who are the locals, and how are they different from the rest of Mexico?

These questions entice tourists who fancy themselves as explorers. It also keeps them entertained and curious, resulting in more check-ins, purchases, and services being rendered in your boutique hotels in Mexico. If they love your location, they might leave positive reviews online or  ecommend the spot to your friends. Politely encourage them if you can.

Hire Locally

Have you ever wondered why Hawaiian resorts are filled with native Hawaiians? Aside from saving the cost of travel and providing jobs for local economies, you should consider getting help from locals because they’re familiar with the area, its culture, and its history. You’ll find Mexico boutique hotels that rely on local labor receive local stories and culture. In our experience, locals make the best staff because they often know everything there is to know about the area they are being hired for and can help your hotel feel authentic.

When a tourist visits a new place and is eager to learn about the culture and people who are there, they usually want the “inside” scoop. Who better to give that scoop than people native to the area? Men and women of the Yucatan know the area best and can share their stories, experiences, and culture with tourists, which will keep them talking and coming back to learn more.

Alongside that, hiring local staff establishes a human connection. Staff stop becoming “staff” to a visitor–they become a person with a face, name, and story that deserves recognition by everyone the client tells of visiting your hotel. Plus, the local staff can help tourists find new places to explore, making them eager to stay and learn more.

Establish Consumer Contact Strategies

Finally, the best tip for boutique hotels in Mexico is to develop
effective consumer contact strategies. You need to get your name out there, push business through the door, and let the uniqueness of your boutique hotels in Mexico do the rest.

Whether you’re a business owner, a hotel manager, or an investor looking to open a new property, Namron Hospitality can help you establish, maintain, and manage a growing network of advertisers, consumer contact specialists, and boutique hotel management.

If you want to start and maintain your line of unique, classy, and profitable Mexico boutique hotels, reach out to Namron Hospitality right away. We can help get you started!

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