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6 Attractive Reasons to Spend Winter In Mexico

When you think of going on a breathtaking vacation, you likely daydream about a trip during the summer when the weather is warm, you can wear comfortable clothes as you take walks along the beach, and lounge at the pool. If you’re a parent, you may also find summer a convenient time for vacations because these are the long months when your kids are at school, and you might be eager to spend lots of time with your family. Many people forget to consider, however, that they can vacation during the winter months too. Perhaps your schedule is booked with plans to see extended family members, but if a winter vacation can work in your schedule this year, why not try it?

Winter is the perfect time to visit Mexico. Just as with any other tourist destination, you’ll find that winter is often an ideal time to visit because there’s less traffic, the prices tend to be lower, etc. Why not make a vacation your annual splurge this year? There’s so much to visit in Mexico during the winter. Boutique hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, and more await. All you need to do is schedule a trip.

But why should you specifically visit Mexico? For one thing, you’ll be amazed at all of the amazing things Mexico has to offer during winter. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider going to Mexico this winter:


During the winter, it can be hard to find the fresh produce that we so desperately crave, like fresh citrus, avocados, and more. In Mexico, however, these beautiful fruits and vegetables are available practically year round!

Visiting small roadside stands can earn you delicious citrus fruits, avocados, tomatoes, and more because the warm climate all year round allows for the continual growth of this produce. You’ll be able to stop at these roadside stands for a quick, delicious, refreshing snack, and then continue on your journey to the next destination. If you are looking for a city-exploring intimate experience, La Valise San Miguel might cater to your tastes.


In the United States, Mexican food is a staple in almost everyone’s diet. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t enjoy a good taco, quesadilla, fresh salsa, or one of Mexico’s many other tasty treats. It should go without saying that in Mexico, you’ll be able to find some of the most delicious and luxurious food anywhere in the world. Its food plays such a major role in Mexican culture that whenever you sit down for a meal, you’re sure to enjoy something delicious.

The incredible food doesn’t stop at the restaurants in Mexico. Boutique hotels offer an incredible sampling of all the scrumptious flavors that Mexican cuisine has to offer. In fact, NÜ Tulum—a fantastic restaurant at one of the Tulum boutique hotels—was recently recognized as one of the five best restaurants in the Riviera Maya. You’re sure to get a delicious bite here!


In Mexico, you’ll quickly learn how affordable many of the hotels, restaurants, transportation services, and more are. It might surprise you how far your dollar will stretch. Even the best boutique hotels in Mexico are much more affordable than the majority of the hotels elsewhere, like the United States. When you plan your trip, you always want to budget more than you think you’ll need, but it might shock you how little you actually will need to save for your trip!.



While the United States gets cold during the winter, you can expect the weather in Mexico to stay warm and sunny. Of course, because this is winter (even in Mexico), the weather isn’t going to be boiling hot like you may be imagining. The temperature tends to hover around 75 degrees Fahrenheit and, unlike many other places during the winter months, doesn’t tend to rain or snow.

With this weather, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the pool while staying at any one of the incredible Mexico boutique hotels located in the area. Plus, when you’re done lounging at the pool, you’ll be able to head over to the beach to enjoy some sunbathing. Try doing that during the winter while up north! You’d likely be disappointed


Everyone loves a good party, and Mexico is no different. If you travel to Mexico during the winter holidays, you can expect to encounter a wide variety of different parties, festivals, and more. Christmas and New Year spark massive celebrations in even the smallest Mexican villages, and you’ll be amazed to find out how much happens during these events.

The incredible weather lends itself to the festivities. When it stays warm all year long, the party doesn’t need to end because the weather gets too cold. Enjoy the sun and relax with family and new friends.


Mexico is a large country, and that means that there are a
plethora of places to visit while you’re traveling the area. Hereare just a few that you might want to consider:


As opposed to the busier area of Cancun, Tulum offers the small town vibe that you may be looking for. Compared to other, larger cities and their sky-high resorts, you’ll instead find Tulum boutique hotels that may feel more like you’re vacationing on a private island than in Mexico.

While visiting Tulum is likely going to be more expensive than
visiting other parts of Mexico, the boutique hotels available for you to visit more than make up for the higher cost. You’ll be able to have a luxurious, true vacation experience right at the waterfront, full of delicious food and warm weather. Plus,

because Tulum has some of the best boutique hotels in Mexico, you’re sure to get access to some incredible amenities like spa days, yoga classes, and more.


When most people think of traveling to Mexico, they’re likely thinking of traveling to Cancun. Cancun is a gorgeous city on the coast, known for its clear water, white sand beaches, and incredible culture. You’ll be able to visit Mayan ruins, go shopping, snorkel, scuba dive, and more.


Cozumel is Mexico’s largest Caribbean island and is a popular destination for cruise ships. It’s an incredible tourist destination with a mixture of small, local restaurants to larger, luxury resorts. You’re sure to find everything that you can possibly imagine here from kayaking to deep-sea fishing. 


When you book a stay at any of the boutique hotels in Mexico that are a part of the Namron Hospitality family, then you’re sure to have an incredible experience. No matter which hotel you stay at, you’re sure to have an incredible personalized guest experience in a way that you’ve never experienced before.

Whether you’re a first-time user or you’ve been around the block a few times, then Namron Hospitality is here to provide you with the best quality experience possible. Check out our hotels today to book your next Mexican vacation experience! Whether you’re a first-time user or you’ve been around the block a few times, then Namron Hospitality is here to provide you with the best quality experience possible. Check out our hotels today to book your next Mexican vacation experience

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