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A 4 day guide to Mexico City



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Day 1: Explore La Roma & La Condesa as a Foodie

La Valise is located in the chic and colorful neighborhood of La Roma, filled with the hippest gastronomical offerings, music venues, thrift stores, and an overall beautiful vibe.

We recommend setting off on foot and making stops along the way where your five senses lead you. The tantalizing smells and colorful salsas adorning street taco stands will surely interrupt your walk. 

You probably just landed and dropped off your luggage and aren’t starving yet. Why not first stop by Churreria El Moro on Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas 42? Grab an order of traditional churros with hot chocolate to go so you can nibble as you walk around Parque Mexico next door.

We recommend grabbing tacos from the famous PARNITA located on Av. Yucatan 84, Roma Nte. a little bit later. All of Mexico City’s “in” crowd comes here to not to be seen, but rather to enjoy some of the best tacos in the city (like the Carmelita with breaded shrimp), handmade tortillas, an ice-cold beer and a jovial atmosphere for people watching.

Before bed grab a cocktail at Xaman Bar located on Copenhague 6, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc.

This bar is a city favorite, focused on drawing inspiration from the power of plants and shamanic and indigenous roots. You can taste Mexican cocktails infused with tea, wild herbs, fresh fruits, and native ingredients like xoconostle (prickly pear).

Day 2: Let’s get Nerdy

You just finished breakfast at the hotel, are caffeinated and buzzing with energy from a restful night, and are looking to explore.

Take an uber to Museo Jumex, which opened in the heart of Polanco in 2013. It houses one of the largest private collections of contemporary art in Latin America, including works by Andy Warhol, Martin Kippenberg, Cy Twombly, and Damien Hirst.

Next door to Museo Jumex is the famous (free) Soumaya Museum, containing the Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim’s private collection of art, sculptures, and other items. Discover pieces by Picasso, Renoir, Dali, Van Gogh, and many notable Mexican artists in this collection of more than 66,000 pieces.

The National Anthropology Museum is a quick 15-min uber ride away, one of the most popular attractions in the city, where one can see one of the largest collections of Mayan artifacts in the world, from pre-Columbian civilizations to the time of the Spanish conquest.

Your artistic journey never truly ends. Return back to your suite at La Valise and take in the beautiful bespoke art pieces and architectural design. Inspired by the culture of the neighborhood it resides in, La Valise is one of the most art-centered boutique hotels in Mexico City when you have a keen eye for detail and a bit of extra time—a utopia for creatives who want to be inspired and inspire others.



Day 3: Let´s Get Funky

Today is all about dancing, but we need the perfect outfit first. Try your luck at Vintage Hoe, located on Jalapa 27, right in La Roma, for a cool look.

We recommend hitting the famous Lagunilla Sunday market to scope out some of the best vintage finds in the country. Perhaps you will land upon the perfect dancing shoes. Make sure to walk past the food stalls and pop up michelada bars blasting reggaeton and cumbias.
After a day of thrifting, you’ll definitely want to stop for a coffee and a quick nap back at the hotel.

Now it’s time to boogie. We love Departamento Studio Bar located on Álvaro Obregón 154 Primer piso, Roma Nte. It’s like going to a house party in a cool Mexico City apartment, where you’ll encounter a great vibe, amazing music, and even better munchies on the rooftop (Azotea). Grab a quick bite on the roof before descending to the lower levels for vinyl music sessions, live music, and famous DJs.

Day 4: Soak it all in

Time to brunch at Cicatriz Cafe (C. Dinamarca 44, Cuauhtémoc), part coffee shop, part brunch spot, part mezcal bar. Located in a lush green plaza in Juarez Neighborhood, it’s the perfect spot to sit outside, munch, and take a moment to soak in everything you just did in the city.

Catch an arthouse movie at Cineteca Nacional, (Circuito Maestro, Mario de La Cueva S/N, C.U., Coyoacán)

This arthouse theater is famous for hosting indie movies that you aren’t exposed to in mainstream cinemas.

Grab dinner at Plantasia, a plant-based restaurant serving contemporary Asian cuisine with killer non-alcoholic cocktails on Puebla 120, Roma Nte.


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