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Leandra Haupt tells us about her journey


Human Design is a personality assessment tool. It combines elements of traditional systems like Astrology, IChing, Kabbalah, and Hindu Chakra teachings with quantum physics, genetics, and psychology. We get a complex system that shows the energy constitution of the individual. In addition, it can give information about physical aspects like nutrition and environment, but also on a deeper level like life purpose and decision making processes.


With Human Design, you realize your uniqueness and potential. Leandra Haupt (our Human Design Expert) will give you the words to describe your internal and external processes and help you un[1]derstand yourself and others. As a result, you will be able to accept your characteristics and come to love yourself even more. In a family or couple reading, you can also understand the dynamics between yourself and the others and find the strategies for improving your relationships.


Human Design Expert fro Berlin

Human Design is a personality assessment tool that shows and analyzes the energy system and contribution of the individual. What’s so special about it is that it is a very complex combination of old traditional wisdom, and it is all calculated by birth time, date and location. I was initially very skeptical about how this could actually work and also doubted the system’s applicability at first. But the deeper I went into the topic, the more magical it became. I understood that sometimes there is no need for a logical explanation to know that systems can be accurate.

 Besides the detailed energy constitution showcased in a graphic with the body outline of all chakra cen[1]ters, Human Design gives information on the strate[1]gy of how an individual moves through life, the best ways to make decisions, and the way we relate to others. It’s not a generic way of putting things, but a super detailed and complex coding for each individ[1]ual. There is no chart like another. Here we learn that each human on this planet is unique and, therefore, has an individual purpose in this incarnation. Their goal is what most people are most curious about, but in controversy of what many think, it is not some sort of work they should do or something they should create, but rather a task or challenge that each soul came here to overcome this lifetime. This might be as simple as learning how to express oneself clearly, or learning how to nurture and care for others. Of course, this aspect might not always be easy for us, but that’s why it’s also called a life task.

 As a typical 6/3 profile, I tried many different things in my life, professionally and in my private life. As I entered the second life stage of a 6 line which starts at about 28, I slowly found my path and direction. Without knowing my Human Design back then, I intuitively followed my correct strategy and got led to be certified hypnosis, reiki and sound-healing practitioner.

 Looking back with the knowledge of Human Design now, I can see how and why it went this way. But in the past, I cannot say it has always been easy. I felt clueless, lost, confused and numb. Yet, only the deep trust in my intuition ultimately leads me to where I am — a place I can call HOME. I am connected to my purpose, myself and the love of life. I truly believe that we as humans are all looking for meaning, with the goal to leave some sort of impact on the world. This might be achieved through making children, by leaving a footprint by our work or the human connections we built.

 We are here on earth to learn something, grow as a soul, move on to the next life, and continue going through evolving cycles. The more I dive into my chart, the more I understand I’m here to help other people start new cycles and change something in their life so they can grow and become a better version of themselves. Human Design gives me the language to do so.

We will go through a significant universal shift in 2027, and we can already feel the signs of it coming. The Human Body will experience a con[1]siderable energy transformation that leads us to feel instead of rationalizing, and we will start focusing more on ourselves instead of institutions. That shift is what has been painfully experienced on all levels; the beginning of the breakdown of institutions, such as banks, governments, school systems, etc. In the new era, we will live much more self-consciously, organized in small communities. There are some signs we see already going in this direction are the rise of cryptocurrency, homeschooling and a heightened awareness of the individual’s health.

 As you can see, Human Design is not something like a daily horoscope but rather a lifestyle and a worldview. If every human lived according to their energy, we would have a wonderfully composed society where we would support each other in our skills and talents. We would all take our part in cre[1]ating the big beautiful picture together. However, nothing on this planet is random. There is a deeper purpose behind everything, so do you have a reason to be here? Don’t just let life happen to you. The knowledge about yourself is endlessly powerful, and you can start to see your[1]self as the creator of your own world because we are here to find and discover ourselves

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