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I was born in the city of Salta, northern Argentina. In a valley that rises at the foot of the mountain between mountains and rivers. I started painting when I was 12 years old, and started selling my works of art at that age as well. 

I arrived in Tulum 4 years ago and the connection with nature and alternative life has given me the time and space I need to create, that is why here I feel comfortable and at home.

Mexico is a very generous country with foreign people, it is an open country willing to welcome those who decide to live on its lands. The places where I have lived and worked the most is here in the Riviera Maya. It has been very useful for me to be in Tulum since it is a cosmopolitan city that allows me to show my work to people from different parts of the world. Mexico is a country that represents a large part of Latin America and has a very rich culture. That also helps when walking on the path of art.

I did a collaboration with a brand called Tulumio, they reproduce my designs in garments such as swimsuits, sarongs, kimonos. I have also worked a lot with bars in the area and in crowded festivals that take place in high season.

The nature of Tulum has inspired me a lot since its landscapes inspire a sensation between the beautiful and the wild. This has led me to want to work my art with the elements by being so surrounded by them, be it in the beautiful sunsets, the dense jungle, the waters below the earth and the magic of the sea and its color. I take my fabrics into nature, my works in general are monochromatic and minimalist, so the fusion is perfect without disturbing the natural environment.

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