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When you go to Mexico City, you don’t want to spend all of your time only going to attractions geared toward tourists. To truly get a feel for the city, you’ll want to leave the hotels in Mexico City and go out to see what the locals do.

While you can still have an amazing experience without heading to all of the local venues, getting a taste of what life is actually like in these local places gives your vacation a whole new meaning. Take a step outside of La Valise Mexico City and see what all the city has to offer!

Brunching and Munching

Hang like a local at Cicatriz (@cicatriz.cdmx) Calle Dinamarca 44, Cuauhtémoc

Mingle amongst the hippest locals and travelers at this cozy cafe located in a beautiful area of Barrio Juarez. Chef-owner Scarlett Lindeman is behind the short but very cool menu, open day and night. Grab a toast with ricotta and marmalade or the Big Salad, filled with fresh kale, wild rice, egg, and beets for a light, but filling lunch. At night grab one of their pies and pair it with a natural wine or their famous Yoko cocktail. Made with mezcal unión, toronja, Aperol, and vino espumoso, this cocktail will leave you warm and make you yearn for Mexico City whenever you think about it. Good thing that some of the best hotels in Mexico City are close by.

For the real music lovers

Departamento Studio Bar (@departamento_studiobar) Álvaro Obregón 154 Primer piso, Roma Nte.

The décor in this bar is reminiscent of getting a beer at a friend’s apartment but with fun turntables and dim lighting, perfect for shy music lovers who want to dance. The vibe here is designed to make you feel at home. Their newly opened rooftop is great for cocktails and meet-ups with your fellow digital nomads or traveling friends.

You can find some of the best in music here, playing a variety of vinyl, eclectic DJ sets, or even bands with live music. This bar is great for an afternoon or night of dancing amongst a local crowd with mezcal in hand. This is where you can rub shoulders with other cool kids, or simply people-watch as you sip away on one of their delicious cocktails. There’s nothing quite like spending your afternoon relaxing, enjoying a couple of drinks, and dancing when the mood feels right. Not even the best hotels in Mexico City can give you an experience quite like this.

Great for a sporadic dinner date

Mog Bistro (@mogbistro) Frontera 168, Roma Nte.

Popular among both locals and tourists, Mog Bistro is a place that is an absolute must-visit when you’re visiting Mexico City. The kitchen turns out pan-Asian cuisine that includes fried chicken topped with ramen, chargrilled skewers, and an assortment of sushi. Pair with a nice Japanese sake or ice-cold beer for a complete meal and enjoy delicious Asian cuisine right here in the heart of Mexico City!

Sweet treat

Churrería El Moro (@churreriaelmoro) Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas 42, Centro Histórico, Centro

Churrería El Moro is an 80-year-old churro shop in downtown Mexico City that is an experience to visit all on its own. In front of a grease-stained window, two churro makers pipe wet dough into smoking hot oil and manipulate the long stream of dough into a spiral shape. After a flip, they come out and are cut into pieces and tossed, fresh to order, in either plain sugar or a sugar-cinnamon mix. 

While these incredible, piping-hot churros are delicious on their own, don’t be afraid to be a little extra indulgent. Ask for a container of melted chocolate for dipping, and you’ll never think of churros the same way again. This is worth leaving the hotels in Mexico City for.

Late Late Night

If you find yourself up late at night with a classic case of the munchies, here are a couple of places that you just have to venture out of the hotels in Mexico City to try:

La Casa de Toño

An extremely popular restaurant known for its pozole, typical Mexican dishes, and super fast service, La Casa de Toño is perfect for when you’re craving Mexican cuisine after a night out dancing. This incredible restaurant has two separate locations that are both open 24 hours a day: the Zona Rosa location and Echegaray. 

Pozole is known to cure even the worst tequila hangover, as it’s a traditional soup or stew made from hominy with meat, and can be seasoned and garnished with shredded lettuce or cabbage, chile peppers, onion, garlic, radishes, avocado, salsa, or limes. The mix of soft, fatty meat combined with the vegetables and warm broth make for a delicious dish that can help cure even the worst hangover. Don’t head back to the hotels in Mexico City without it!

Taqueria Los Cocuyos
Calle de Bolívar 57, Centro Histórico, Centro, 06000

When you need to satisfy that inner carnivore or soak up some of that mezcal, visit this humble taco stand after 10 PM. Grab some tacos: Longaniza (chorizo), Suadero (pork), or Campechano (mixed chorizo beef and pork), and wash them down with an ice-cold glass bottled Coke. 

This taco stand, no matter what time you go, is almost guaranteed to have a line as it’s located on one of the busiest streets in the historic center of Mexico City. Be prepared to wait when you go, but know that the tacos will be worth it in the end!

Working Like a Local in Mexico City

Here at Namron Hospitality, we’re proud to be able to offer some of the best of the best boutique hotels in Mexico City. We’ve spent our time curating the experiences for our guests and take pride in what we have to offer. 

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If investing in hotel real estate is something that interests you, then contact those of us here at Namron hospitality today for more information, and come work with us like a local in Mexico City!

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