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Where are you originally from, and what do you love about playing music in México and Latin America?

I’m originally from the south of Canada, a small city called Windsor right the American boarder with Detroit.

I love playing music in Mexico and Latin America for the same reason I love being in these countries in general… the vibe! Mexico has such a beautiful, warm, loving energy, it’s really such a pleasure to share music with people here. I feel a very powerful energetic exchange happening between me and the audience when I’m playing which is the key to making magic when performing art. I also love the nature so much of this land and I have been so blessed to play in many breathtaking places, from the beaches of Tulum to the beaches in Puerto Escondido, to the Volcanic landscape of Guatemala.

What is the experience you hope for people to have while listening to your music?

When you look deep into the roots of what music really is, it’s just pure vibrations, frequencies, interacting over time in a harmonic way that, when these vibrations enter your physical being, have an effect on your energetic state. With this awareness, I have the intention to raise my listeners vibration, to open their hearts and minds, and to inspire natural movement from within. I want for people to have the experience that they feel really alive when they hear the music I’m playing, that they feel connected to their deep rooted human instincts and cosmic intelligence because personally, I feel that unfortunately most humans have lost connection to what it feels like and what it means to really be naturally human.

How do you see your music style fitting into a changing Tulum?

Tulum is what it is because of the incredible nature that exists here, and because of the history of the ancient people here and the land the energy holds because of them. Despite the tourist industry exploding and other changes happening, these things never will, and I feel that the music that I play and that comes through me is connected really to the essence of what is Tulum. For this, I feel that even though It might be changing and evolving that anything or anyone that is connected to these roots of Tulum will always have a place here. I am also always personally and artistically evolving and living here is influencing how I’m growing, but I know that if I stay true to myself and my art and stay connected to the power of the land that I don’t need to worry about fitting in.

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