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making waves in tulum

We are continuously looking for curious projects and new ventures in hospitality. UMI is Tulum’s latest boutique hotel and retreat proposal managed by Namron Hospitality. Welcome to the family!

Landing on the azure shores of the Mexican Caribbean, UMI, brings with it an Eastern philosophy from the land of the rising sun, blending gently with local culture and knowledge. “Umi” means sea in Japanese — rightfully taking its place on the front row of Tulum beach and its azure Caribbean Sea. To enter UMI is to be embraced by wood, water, and stone and breathe in a great deal of tropical serenity of a coveted place that within it hosts energy of exclusivity. It is the place to be in Tulum, “to see and be seen,” especially at its private events and high-brow fêtes.

At UMI, Eastern architecture with a Mexican soul offers an enclave of privacy. Rather than transporting you away, our spaces bring you back to yourself. Here, embark on a journey of oneness, both tranquil and dynamic. From our array of spa offerings and relaxing beach experiences to a proper beach club vibe and musical events, our philosophy is one of balance. The balance between the traditional and the modern, between nature and the mythical. It is a philosophy of minimalism that ranges from design to everything we do.

Fronted by the Caribbean Sea and heralded by the jungle, UMI introduces a new proposal in the Ancient Mayan land— a union of ancient knowledge, distinguished events and a balance of energy.

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At Namron, we believe in authentically supporting the local region where we thrive. We are so honored and proud to work with one of the only organic and sustainable farms in the area and incorporate the freshest, most nutritious organic produce in the dishes of our restaurant, NÜ.


Merida is known as the cultural center of the Yucatán. Only a 3-hour drive from Tulum, it was named the American Capital of Culture twice. Being one of the most livable cities in Mexico…