Exemplary hotel management solution

Although boutiques and luxury hotels are akin to popular villa destinations, they are differentiated by being small, personal getaways meant to function as an intimate, one-of-a-kind getaway experience. These remote destinations pull from the charm of their native country to attract niche travelers. If you're a pre-existing hotel owner striving to rebrand or are looking to start in hotel property management, Namron Hospitality is the best place to start.

We’ve put countless hours into every aspect of our hotels. Our team works tirelessly to personalize and tailor each stay to the taste and uniqueness of our guests. We love what we do and can’t wait to introduce you to our work!

Lifestyle and Boutique Hotels

Our hospitality management services recreate the creative property structure to help reimagine your existing hotel into a luxury resort. Luxury and boutique hotels have several must-have features to include to achieve a successful system. This short guide helps recognize the critical elements of successful boutique hotels.

The Basics

Lifestyle and boutique hotels are small. They can range from as low as a few to as many as 100 rooms and suites, offering intimate spaces for guests. These luxury hotels have benefits such as: 

  • Various suites and room types for many views (seaside, garden, jungle, etc.)
  • A reasonable price range, encouraging guests to stay longer
  • Personalized services such as self-check-in, great amenities, and exposure to rich local culture


The personal touch of a lifestyle boutique hotel, as opposed to a chain hotel, is that hospitality and service are a top priority and easier to manage with fewer guests.



Picture-worthy aesthetics have become a marketing tool for hotels. At Namron, we pay  close attention to the character of our properties, ensuring that our interior ranges from laid-back modern to relaxing opulence. Hotel property management is our speciality! All of our Mexican hotels, and especially our Tulum, San Miguel and Mexico City properties, offer a variety of aesthetics, most notably:
  • Aristocratic, French-style townhome
  • Comforting oasis
  • Peaceful Caribbean flare
  • Traditional, cultural villa
Remember that aesthetics can also include the size of a room, and the amenities, such as a yoga studio or spa tub. The guest demographic is also essential to the aesthetic, primarily when ranging from a more laid-back guest to an adventure-seeker.


No matter the product, consumers are willing to pay for the experience. Namron not only tailors our service to our amazing guests, but each experience is crafted with a specific vision. Whether it be an exceptional restaurant inspired by the local cuisine or unique pieces of artwork lining the suite’s walls, we can develop and design these innovative concepts. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:


  • In what ways can you implement making customers feel welcomed?
  • What is your brand?
  • What is the target audience you wish to reach?


The luxury lifestyle experience is an expectancy that comes with the investment. For us, it’s important to ensure the total positive experience as efficiently as possible.

Namron Hospitality is receptive to welcoming new partners to collaborate on a creative, unique experience through lifestyle hotels and hotel management. We pride ourselves on our excellent hotel real estate and can’t wait to give you a virtual tour. Browse our other investment pages to learn more about our hotel property management experiences and the services we offer