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Where are you originally from, and how did you get pulled into this small vortex called Tulum?

” I am from Santiago, Chile. The first time I visited Tulum was to do an art residency called “Residencia Gorila” by Tulum Art Club. From there I got very connected with the energy of this place, so I decided to move here, closing my studio in Mexico City, where I lived for 3 years previously.”

What is the experience you hope for people to have while interacting with your art?

“An immersive experience where they can be inspired by color, texture, gesture of painting and its atmosphere… also that my art can evoke inspiring moments, when in front of a landscape or a beautiful plant. I like the artwork to transmit good feelings, good vibes, to make people feel happy in the present moment.”

How do you see your artistic practice evolving in an ever-changing Tulum?

“I see Tulum as a base from which I expand my work to galleries and art platforms inside and outside Mexico. Tulum is allowing me to evolve in my pictorial process, because even though it is constantly changing, here I find the peace I need to spend long hours in the studio experimenting. It is a different peace than in the city, with less external and internal noise. Likewise, thanks to this constant growth and change there are always a project, a mural, an exhibition to do, such as my next Solo Show that opens in August at Aluxiik Gallery. (Ig: @aluxiik)”

How has the surrounding nature affected your process?

“It affects my process in a direct way, since the nature of this place is an infinite source of inspiration. Tulum has a very particular energy and its nature is magnificent which makes my work flow easily.”

Who is your dream collaboration with?

“Damien Hirst.”

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