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Join our Tulum Pledge!

Join our Tulum Pledge!

Yves Naman, the founder of Namron Hospitality, created the Tulum Pledge to inform and help tourists and businesses make their stay and work in Tulum more sustainable. This Pledge is more important than ever as Tulum grows at an unprecedented pace.
Namron Hotels are vernacularly designed and serve as sanctuaries of peace for the conscious and cultured traveler. Sustainability has always been at the forefront for Yves when creating new properties, yet his conscious vision has grown beyond the properties here in Tulum.
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The Tulum Pledge & Manifesto were born to bring awareness to travelers and businesses of their impact on our fragile ecosystem. As Tulum continues to expand, Yves believes we must “create harmony within our natural world” and protect and preserve one of the planet’s most spectacular and vulnerable destinations, so future generations can continue to experience the natural splendor of Tulum.
Namron Hospitality is leading by its own example in the area. We prohibit single-use plastics, compost waste, recycle and source local ingredients for our hotels and restaurant. Our primary produce provider, Mestiza de Indias, aims to regenerate the Yucatan with native plants and seeds from the region. We offer ecologically-friendly toiletries, repellent, and reef-friendly sunscreen. Finally, we ask all our guests to sign the Tulum Pledge, a promise to mindfully leave Tulum better than they found it. Namron has been awarded the prestigious Oceanic Global Standard Certification to recognize our sustainable practices.
Namron Hospitality comprises La Valise Tulum, NEST Tulum, Encantada Tulum, Radhoo Tulum, La Valise Mexico City, and La Valise San Miguel de Allende, which is set to open in the Mexican Highlands in June 2022. We also created NÜ Tulum, recognized as one of the top five restaurants in The Mexican Caribbean. The Namron properties are intentionally small, allowing us to cater to each individual guest. While each property’s design character is distinct, they all share a spirit of place and a sense of laid-back luxury that fosters relaxation, exploration, and inspiration while elevating local craftsmanship and art.

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I started to DJ in Tulum in 2012, I played various instruments especially the saxophone alto all my childhood and always was collecting music on tape, cds, mini disc until the age of the digital mp3.

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how did your successful business and creative project, start in Tulum? “From Brazil to Tulum, my brand Casa Portal arose from the

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Tapping Into Tepoztlán

It is Friday in Mexico. We miss nature, we miss the cobblestone streets, we miss the smell of corn roasting on charcoal and the mountainous backdrop.