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Join our Tulum Pledge!

Yves Naman, the founder of Namron Hospitality, created the Tulum Pledge to inform and help tourists and businesses make their stay and work in Tulum more sustainable. This Pledge is more important than ever as Tulum grows at an unprecedented pace.

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Magical Realism

The Polf is one of Tulum’s most famous characters. He has become well known for his rebellious and outlandish photoshoots featuring a mix of locals and famous protagonists that have gotten him featured in magazines like VOGUE and GQ.

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San Miguel de Allende: City of Arts

San Miguel de Allende is internationally recognized for its baroque architecture, cultural festivals, and active art scene. People from all over the world come to San Miguel to walk, dine, have fun and consume its art and artisanry.

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Tapping Into Tepoztlán

It is Friday in Mexico. We miss nature, we miss the cobblestone streets, we miss the smell of corn roasting on charcoal and the mountainous backdrop.

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Tulum is known for its magic, it’s crystal clear waters, ceremonies, delicious food, and the special kind of people that it attracts. People here are on self-discovery journey, be it be spiritual, social, business, learning to travel alone, wedding trips, etc.

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Mini Manifestation Guide.

Did you know that thought itself is a reverberation and an energy? Our thoughts…are energy. Sadghuru explains that a single pointed mind is a powerful tool: ¨If you generate a thought in your mind consciously and if it is single-pointed, it will find its way in the world. It will manifest itself naturally.¨

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Enri is a Paraguayan designer who works with natural materials for interior and fashion designs, collaborating with well-known hospitality brands and fashion lines. We spoke with Enri recently about how he got started and how he works with materials in the Caribbean.

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YUCATAN: Mexico’s El Dorado

One of the most significant events in the history of this planet occurred 66 million years ago when a massive asteroid hit the Yucatan Peninsula. It created thousands of present-day cenotes and river systems of pure water underneath the earth’s surface.

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Diego Padilla Finds Poetry in Food Photography

We recently spoke to an iconic Mexico City photographer, Diego Padilla, who captures elegant angles of the city and stunning food photographs for some of the most famous Mexican restaurants in the country.