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Roberto is our creative mind at La Valise Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende, a true treasure hunter at heart that knows everything there is to know in the metropolis. We’ve decided to join him on his ventures. Today is Saturday. It is a great day to explore our neighborhood of Roma Norte.

First, we will walk to the Angel de la Independencia, a replica of the same angel in Berlin and the epicenter of my favorite avenue: Reforma. We will walk a bit to the BMV, to contemplate my favorite work by Díaz Infante.

From there we will go to the San Juan Pugibet Market, to eat some of the cheese and bread in Jercey. If we are ready, we can try the scorpios with chocolate for dessert and buy the best fruit in the whole city. Many restaurants in Mexico City stock up on incredible and fresh products that come from different parts of the world at this market. At the last stop on this mini tour, come with me to Plaza la Romita, the setting for Buñuel’s film: Los Olvidados, a timeless place near the hotel. With an incredible garden for yoga and meditation, next to a church that is the last point of gentrification that hasn’t been touched yet, I like to sit and contemplate all the people who are still discovering my beautiful city.

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At Namron, we believe in authentically supporting the local region where we thrive. We are so honored and proud to work with one of the only organic and sustainable farms in the area and incorporate the freshest, most nutritious organic produce in the dishes of our restaurant, NÜ.


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Merida is known as the cultural center of the Yucatán. Only a 3-hour drive from Tulum, it was named the American Capital of Culture twice. Being one of the most livable cities in Mexico…


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We are continuously looking for curious projects and new ventures in hospitality. UMI is Tulum’s latest boutique hotel and retreat proposal managed by Namron Hospitality. Welcome to the family!