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LATE CHECKOUT: a perfect Sunday in the City with Roberto

Today is our favorite day of the week, Sunday! Let´s go to the two markets that we like the most in CDMX, which we consider to be iconic, special and full of color.

We wake up at a good time, and go for our first stop: a latte and some sweet bread at Allende coffee. We must start with something subtle to have room for the feast that awaits us the rest of the day.

Our second stop at the La Lagunilla Antique Market, starting to walk at the corner of Reforma street and Eje 1 Norte, we dodged the passage between the bicycle lane and shortly after we arrived at our favorite spaces full of mid-century furniture, art prints, beers and antiques from all over Mexico, we spend the next two hours treasure hunting for vintage goodies for our homes.

Around 1:00 p.m. we go to the Jamaica Flower Market, it’s time for a snack, and we choose the “La Güera” Eskites (toasted corn), always half fried, half boiled, mayo between the two parts, half a lemon, a little salt and grated cheese topping, we also save a little space for a freshly baked corn pie slice. We save a bit of room for the Sunday late brunch with friends, our hands full of snacks perfect for walking, creating a bouquet of munchies and antiques we just collected.

Few days are as perfect as a Sunday in markets, antiques and flowers …

Roberto has been working in our La Valise Roma location for the past few years, helping us to thrive and keep the design of the space immaculate.

Roberto is our C. Design Chief Expert in Architecture, Furniture and Deco, with us at La Valise in La Roma since 7 years ago.

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