Art. 30

Magical Realism

The Polf is one of Tulum’s most famous characters. He has become well known for his rebellious and outlandish photoshoots featuring a mix of locals and famous protagonists that have gotten him featured in magazines like VOGUE and GQ.

The Polf

What brought me to Tulum was a trip with friends in which I had no expectations or information about anything. It was a stop on our journey, and then the plan was to go back home. At the moment I arrived, I began to understand more that my times and rhythms of life were different and fit perfectly with the place. I continue to choose Tulum for that and many other reasons.
Shooting in Tulum can be challenging, just like in any place. But here the context of nature is sought in everything we do, so dealing with weather changes, the ever-changing light is challenging.
Lately, I’ve been thinking about what inspires me. I still don’t know how to describe it perfectly, but what inspires me the most right now is shooting everyday life and traditional settings and taking them to the surreal, either by the colors, the characters, or the lights…. Something like magical realism, that’s the direction I’m taking right now. In regards to what my favorite spots in Tulum are, the places away from the crowds, like my house, of course, and others that I will not mention.

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