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How did your successful business and creative project, start in Tulum?

“From Brazil to Tulum, my brand Casa Portal arose from the idea of creating harmony between raw nature and architecture. My search was always for balance, the perfect proportions that hypnotize and enchant the gaze. And that’s why I entered the world of hotel architecture, where in Tulum I understood that less becomes more. My vision is fully supported by Leonardo da Vinci, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Tulum inspires me not only because of the brutality of its raw nature but also because of the authenticity of its people.

My move to Tulum started with Azulik, I was invited to do the remodeling of the hotel and Kin Toh. Afterwards, it was no longer possible to see beauty without nature being in the mix of my projects and I no longer imagined myself in my hometown, Sao Paulo.

I have been constantly evolving over the years and now, in addition to making things aesthetical, which is extremely important in my world, another very important factor is comfort and the experience or sensation that a piece or project evokes. Now my brand can offer a value that transcends the mere creation and sale of products, as I move towards the conceptualization and sale of spaces. It is the idea of transforming dreams into reality.”

What is the experience you are creating for NAMRON Hospitality, what would you like hotel guests to feel?

“I think the world of hospitality already has too many numbers, and when you envision your guest as a real person, that all changes. We want the memory for each hotel to be unique. From a sensation, from an aroma, from timeless aesthetics and attention to every detail.That sensation can be brought home to transport you to your vacation at some point of the day, with the creation of the line for La Valise Home.”

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