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Where are you originally from, and what do you love about playing music in Mexico and Latin America?

“I grew up in Geneva Switzerland, my mother is Swiss and my dad is from the Bantu Tribe in Congo. I started to DJ in Tulum in 2012, I played various instruments especially the saxophone alto all my childhood and always was collecting music on tape, cds, mini disc until the age of the digital mp3…”


What is the experience you hope for people to have while listening to your music?

“I love to play music here in Mexico because I can mix it all and create a nice eclectic electronic vibe. When I play, people experience a smooth electronic melodic journey.”


How do you see your music style fitting into a changing Tulum?

“The music I play has been inspired by all the best djs that played in Tulum back in the days and my own personal journey, sort of a keeper of the ancient authentic Tulum vibes.
I am grateful to play for all the remaining businesses that are still representing what used to be Tulum.”


Who is your dream collaboration with?

“As a collaboration I have met Mose and I really appreciate his music and alignment with Cacao and movements ceremonies. I think I would love to collaborate with him in a near future.”

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