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Meet Irving

the creative head behind Bestiario Theatre

Tell us about yourself and your art background, how have you managed to be at the forefront of community and culture in Tulum for years?

“I’ve been acting since I was 11. I always Knew I wanted to make movies and anything visual and performatic. I did dancing for a while, I went to film school before quitting to go take workshops and masterclasses in L.A. And NYC at places like Stella Adler and The Neighborhood Playhouse.
I think that once a person admits to themselves that there are movements that call for their participation and action, for the investment of their energy to continue growing for the well being of the community, they cannot ignore them anymore. You can’t fake ignorance, you have to take part. Your humanity has awakened and there’s no button to turn it off.”

Why is this theatre project so essential to Tulum’s cultural climate right now?

“Tulum is hurt and so is everyone who has been living here for a while. And I believe that healing through art is beautiful and efficient. It makes me very happy to see people react to our performances when unfortunately we are no longer used to witnessing such art forms. To feel represented, to be able to relate and wear the emotional clothes of those we think we know, to finally realise that their stories are more powerful and multidimensional than we would have imagined. I think that performance arts have the power to activate empathy, and Tulum could use a lot of it right now.”

What are some main themes the theatre group explores in your shows?

“We allow ourselves to dive into an array of themes. We are all very different in the group, therefore we explore many ideas from completely different perspectives, for we all have our own healing to do. But we all start from the same place, from what’s close to us, local stories that resound in our community. I personally try to create stories with leading strong women and queer characters.”

What are you looking forward to developing with your project?

“I’d love to see a formal theatre company that brings a new look to our home, Tulum. I believe Tulum is filled with some of the most talented and interesting artists I’ve ever met, yet we lack a space to create, to collaborate and share our creations. A multidisciplinary studio would be something I’d like to see in our near future.”

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