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Shika Shika 5 year compilation

To celebrate five years since Shika Shika was founded in 2015, the border-crossing organic-electronic collective today releases “Shika Shika 5 Years” – a celebratory double vinyl. The album features a selection of the label’s most-loved tracks on vinyl for the first time such as Yeahman’s summer anthem “Miniyamba”, History of Colour’s classic “Cinder” alongside music by Egyptian singer Dina al Wedidi, German duo JAJA and Sh Sh founders Barrio Lindo and El Buho.

Since 2015 the artist-first label has released music by over 60 artists from 34 countries, including 10 vinyl records and one crowdfunder. It has also created a globally connected community of fans and artists united by the concept of music without borders. The label has made a name for itself for highlighting musical migrations: sounds that mix together cultural influences, tradition with modernity or electronica with organic and natural sounds.

Uno Es Mínimo Dos by Jiony

This is jiony’s seventh album, which resulted from a selection of some of the tracks made during lockdown. The tracks that appear on this album were selected because they resemble a Hip Hop Lo-Fi style, or at least a representation of jiony’s taste of this style. After the music comes the names of the tracks and the album. The idea behind “Uno Es Mínimo Dos” (One is, at least, two) comes from the conflict that one can have with wanting to be, in a sense, free from others. But we are social animals and we need others, we use each other, so one has to be careful in how to articulate its desire for freedom.

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