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Afloat in paradise

As Namron Hospitality expands its reach in Tulum, we welcome another property: XELA (pronounced
“shell-a,”) opening early 2023. Always on the lookout for unique concepts, we are again drawn to Tulum’s bohemian air and its characters. XELA reminds us of the original and authentic Tulum, with the dynamic and contemporary energy of today. Washing up on the seashores of Tulum Beach, the new concept of laidback luxury hospitality is at the gateway to the wild and authentic. XELA is a soulful retreat for travelers, wanderers, sojourners and like-minded spirits deep in the heart of the Mexican Caribbean.
Collecting seashells is a summertime staple for anyone who has ever been to the beach – a right of passage for children and calming activity for adults.
Yet, there is something about finding the perfect

seashell washed ashore amongst a vast beach spread that feels like uncovering buried treasure. XELA hosts the energy of a private seaside villa with local dynamism, a feeling of comfort and yet a barefoot luxury. It is in itself a unique shell! It is your playground, a space to enjoy YOUR way. XELA is marked by a calm and friendly atmosphere, the kind you expect when you retreat to the beach for a holiday. It is an unimposed effort, seen in the architecture, the service and amenities that differentiate XELA from nearby Tulum properties. Think of it like your ultimate Tulum confidant relaxed and easygoing. Furthered by excellent hospitality, it is set to become one of Tulum’s most coveted spaces that genuinely harnesses the spirit of summer in an elegant yet relaxed way.

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At Namron, we believe in authentically supporting the local region where we thrive. We are so honored and proud to work with one of the only organic and sustainable farms in the area and incorporate the freshest, most nutritious organic produce in the dishes of our restaurant, NÜ.


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Merida is known as the cultural center of the Yucatán. Only a 3-hour drive from Tulum, it was named the American Capital of Culture twice. Being one of the most livable cities in Mexico…


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We are continuously looking for curious projects and new ventures in hospitality. UMI is Tulum’s latest boutique hotel and retreat proposal managed by Namron Hospitality. Welcome to the family!