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Photographer Leandro Bulzzano reflects on his favorite corners at Namron Hospitality

La Valise Mexico: A tiny corner in La Luna suite, painted yellow with La Silla Miguelito, a jewel of one of the best antique stores in Mexico City: Antiguedades San Cristobal. That space gives me a lot of peace. And well, I can’t fail to mention the incredible bathroom in La Luna, all covered in mirrors. It’s very cozy.


Leandro Bulzzano, originally from Argentina, started with photography in Patagonia, portraying landscapes about six years ago. He was entirely self-taught and began taking photos with the help of some photographer friends. In 2018, he moved to Mexico and began to dedicate himself completely to photography for hotels, restaurants and clothing brands, eventually getting interested in architectural and interior photography.

His other passion is documentary photography, delving into Mexico’s thousands of places and towns. He portrays everyday moments, customs, traditions, and ways of life. For Leandro, photography has been a personal quest to improve himself, always to learn a little more, to improve with each project he documents.

Namron hotels are characterized by the cutting-edge design of their spaces and unique taste when selecting their furniture. This was one of the things that caught his attention when working with us. Leandro tells us about his favorite corner at every property:

La Valise Tulum: One of my favorite objects is a rocking chair carved by hand in the town of Guanajuato in the state of Michoacan, with impeccable workmanship and a wooden table that fascinates me.

La Valise San Miguel: Without a doubt, the great Pedro Friedeberg is one of my favorite things, all that work with the snake is incredible. A work that very few know and that everyone will be able to visit now. 

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