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Tulum is known for its magic. Crystal clear water, ceremonies, delicious food, and it certainly attracts a special kind of people. It’s that people that are on their self discovery journey. Can be on many levels, spiritual, relationships, business, learning to travel alone, wedding trips, and so on.

For us, the locals, everyday is an adventure. Because we share so much passion for this place, and we love to connect with people from all around the world that have been brought by destiny or the universe to this land that kisses the ocean and meets the manglar.

I was asked to do a Tulum Guide, and that brought me to think and self-reflect about all the different experiences I have had in this magical beach town (hey! I know it’s called a city now. But once upon a time it was a small town).

Tulum as a Local

CoWorking from different coffee shops in town and Aldea Zama Local Projects that keep Tulum alive (LADLE, Puntos Verdes, Alma Animal) Cenote exploring – plenty of options, doing some research and figuring out which suits your vibe is the best!

Try street food – from vegan to non vegan, Tulum is rich in variety and local flavors.

Tulum as a Tourist

Temazcal – either a private session or a group session.
Secret spot to watch the sunrise (KM 5.5, enter the beach, climb the rocks to your right and delight yourself with the view).

Siaan Ka’an Biosphere, just walk on the beach until you feel like it!

Cocktails and dancing – let the music from different bars and restaurants charm you, you will find yourself dancing surrounded by beautiful people. When the exhaustion from all the day activities kick in, there are plenty of gorgeous hotels in Tulum to retire the night in.

Tulum as a Backpacker / Solo Traveller

Ruins – get there early

Museum Mystika – plan it after the ruins. It’s close by, and it’s a nice shock of AC after being in the sun. Epic art, have your battery ready for a load of photos.

Public beach – if you get the chance to go on a weekday, it’s the best. This is the place where locals go on weekends and gets super crowded.

Walk on the – all the way opposite of the ruins, you will find rocks on sea level. It’s a beautiful walk with photogenic spots.

Tulum as a Couple

For couples who are staying at one of the many hotels on the beach in Tulum, catch the sunrise by the ocean Kayak early morning or SUP into deep waters & bring a snorkel. Recommended for when the ocean is flat.

Rent a bicycle – explore the area

Catch the sunset over the mayan jungle from a romantic nest.

When you are looking for a beautiful escape in the jungles or seaside, there are a number of unique boutique hotels in Tulum catered to every type of dreamer.

La Valise – An architectural nod to Robinson Crusoe, La Valise offers both jungleside and beachfront villas to choose from.

Encantada – A perfect blend of jungle aesthetics and ocean views for a peaceful romantic getaway.

Radhoo – An experience meant for the most adventurous individuals. Radhoo is located in the Tulum jungles and offers a Bohemian take on design and comfort.

Nest – A minimalist and intimately designed beach bungalow named after the sea turtles who resided there, Nest aims to shelter travelers looking for a relaxing escape.

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