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Enri is a Paraguayan designer who works with natural materials for interior and fashion designs, collaborating with well-known hospitality brands and fashion lines. We spoke with Enri recently about how he got started and how he works with materials in the Caribbean.

Tell us where you are from and how you got into fashion and interior design?

I am Paraguayan. I was born in the city of Asunciòn. I will tell you how my interest in the world of fashion and design was born: my mother worked from home on the sewing machine, and it was with her that I had my first contact with scissors and fabrics of all colors and textures. This also sparked my interest in decorating. She let me change the furniture all the time. We had a fairly large patio where my greatest fun was gathering branches and dry leaves to decorate the house.
When I was older, I decided to study interior design at the ART design Asunción Paraguay institute, where I met many friends and colleagues. I had a great desire to leave the country where I was born because I could not create what I wanted there — unique things with a theme, a beginning, and an end. I left for Tulum. BETA ASTRAL supported me by allowing me to stay at her home in Tulum, and I will always be very grateful to her. At that time, they all worked for the AZULIK hotel with Eduardo Neira. I was hired to be part of ANIKENA, the sustainable brand created by BETA ASTRAL and FERNANDO PREDA. I focused on the design and realization of Eduardo Neira’s residence in Uh May.

You have been working in hospitality in Tulum with some of the best. What do you think are the key ingredients to make a room feel and look very special?

The key ingredients for a room to look special for me is lighting, textiles, and good care, with the added detail of flowers and candles to form a beautiful atmosphere.

What can you tell us about working with natural materials and colors in the Yucatán and Quintana Roo?

As a designer, I love being able to create in harmony with local communities and to experiment making my own textiles with natural pigments while respecting the natural environment feels really good. Together with SEBASTIAN LAGOMARSINO and BETA ASTRAL we’ve created the KEXE brand, which is Guaraní, our indigenous language. Our eternal inspiration is nature, from which all our designs are born.
At KEXE we focus on creating unique objects made by hands, nature, and time – each piece telling a unique story. We support different communities in Mexico that, thanks to their work and in collaboration with our designs, make it possible to achieve the results we seek.
KEXE honors the imperfect, the uncomfortable, the different; it seeks to create spaces with a unique and organic identity and, above all, to create sensations. We use materials such as wood, linen, silk, cotton, bamboo, rattan, palm, liana, henequen, clay, wool, etc., that connect us directly with our environment. We work with projects whose main goal is caring for the environment.

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