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San Miguel de Allende: City of Arts

Interview with San Miguel de Allende gallery manager Gabriela González Sánchez

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San Miguel de Allende is internationally recognized for its baroque architecture, cultural festivals, and active art scene. People from all over the world come to San Miguel to walk, dine, have fun and consume its art and artisanry. Walking through the city center among restaurants, boutiques, concept stores, and galleries with varied and exciting art and design proposals makes it a cosmopolitan and picturesque tourist destination at the same time.
One of the most touristic spots in terms of art and design is Fabrica la Aurora, a place with a large concentration of galleries and shops with a more classic artistic proposal that has been famous for years.
Distrito Soma is a must-visit space where restaurants, galleries, and design shops converge and begin to grow and acquire more exposure.
Espacio Curandero is a gallery that opened its doors in 2021 with a unique group exhibition, which is run by two mural artists located in downtown San Miguel.
I personally run Casa10, an art/gallery space located in Hacienda la Aurora. We offer fresh, original, and different artistic proposals from established and emerging artists from Mexico City and the Netherlands. Our temporary exhibitions last three months, and during these cycles, we collaborate with musicians, chefs, mixologists, dancers, and different types of artists to create sensory experiences linked to the exhibition. Our presentation offers a plethora of sensory activations, another way to interact with art pieces through all senses.
Come and join us for a revolutionary way of experiencing art!

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