4 Effective Boutique Hotel Marketing Tips to increase revenues

Hotel investment can be tricky, even for experienced investors and entrepreneurs. Once you have established your boutique hotels in Mexico, what then? How do you drum up business and entice tourists to stop by, especially if you have selected a remote location to focus on?  Deciding where to start can feel overwhelming. You could establish […]

Why Ecotourism is Growing in Mexico

Mexico has a rich history and a beautiful landscape, from rolling hills, vast plains, and dense jungles across the Yucatan. With boutique hotels sprouting up throughout Mexico, it should come as no surprise that the desire for ecotourism is booming. More and more tourists are flocking to the remote, distant Yucatan areas to experience Mexico’s […]

Join our Tulum Pledge!

Join our Tulum Pledge! Yves Naman, the founder of Namron Hospitality, created the Tulum Pledge to inform and help businesses and tourists make their work and stay in our boutique hotels in Tulum more sustainable. This Pledge is more important than ever as Tulum grows at an unprecedented pace. Namron Hotels are vernacularly designed and […]


Tulum designer takes to nature’s inspiration for her psychedelic designs.

A 4 day guide to Mexico City

La Valise is one of our unique and intimate boutique hotels in Mexico City. Located in the chic and colorful neighborhood of La Roma, it is filled with the hippest gastronomical offerings, music venues, thrift stores, and an overall beautiful vibe.


XERI COLLECTIVE have some unique recommendations for your ear buds, that will have you discovering new Mexican and Latin American acts that will surely have you inspired.


Tulum is naturally lush, with plenty of hidden treasures that will have you coming back for more adventure year after year.


After living for a few years outside of my hometown of Merida, I returned to it with a vacation plan after quitting my dream job at Vogue.