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Meditation is the base of mental stability and the source of creativity. A daily combination of breathwork and mantra may lead one to a meditative state. For example, we clean our bodies daily by taking a bath or shower; meditation is a mental shower to clear the mind and attain inner tranquility.

Meditation must be re-introduced at a particular time in one’s life to evolve further into more consciousness. I teach a simple method to activate the space within and reach the meditative state with breathwork and mantras. I call it the “Gateway of Meditation.”

We want to share an abundance-boosting mantra dedicated to one of our favorite goddesses Lakshmi:

Her name is pronounced “luck-shmi,” and she’s the goddess of good fortune and shreem (everything that is auspicious). Lakshmi embodies beauty, fertility, material richness and inner abundance.

This Mantra is perfect to be meditated by the sea, as you can visualize this goddess sitting atop the waves alongside you.

After getting into your meditation pose, you can repeat Lakshmi’s mantra:

Om shreem maha
Lakshmiyei namaha.

This mantra may be translated as “I bow to the goddess, Lakshmi, whose energy is held within the mantra, Shreem.” As we chant this mantra, we ask Lakshmi to sit with us and give us that quiet, peaceful feeling of inner wealth and stability. You can imagine she is connecting with your gaze, and beautiful golden light is shining upon you, filling you with a new perspective

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