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The First Year of La Valise Store

It’s been one year since our furniture, art, decor, and fashion space opened at La Valise Store in Tulum. This space is designed to respond to the art and design lovers staying with us at Namron. The store is a hybrid concept embracing the characteristics of a museum with meticulously-curated items. We can’t wait to unveil some exciting upcoming exhibitions this season. Eva, our Store Manager, has finely curated each aspect of our La Valise Store, and she tells us a little about herself:

“My name is Eva. I was born in the city of Carmen, Campeche. I am passionate about all means of expression, especially fashion and art. It makes me so happy to belong to the Namron Hospitality family and be part of the creative outlet: La Valise Store. Our store has a soul, but above all, it has a lot of love, and I think you can feel it from the moment you walk down the street. The architecture plays with the jungle’s natural elements, such as the palm trees swaying over the roof. The incredible wood and glass windows invite you to discover a part of La Valise Tulum, an invitation to enter and see everything from furniture made of chuspata to knit hats or dresses made with organic cotton. We are a concept store that celebrates and supports local and national talent, which exalts the cultural diversity in this corner of the world full of magic called Tulum. We work hand-in-hand with local designers and artisans who find in us a space to express themselves and to represent their essence. We are a meeting point between the artisanal and the experimental, making our space an exciting place.

We love to support and be a platform that promotes talent. At our core is protecting the environment and being aware of how we consume goods, and for this reason, most of our products are made with natural fibers such as linen, cotton, and bamboo. Some of our designers include Hedonio, Beta Astral, Agua de Rosas, Laia, Gaela, Bamboo Life and many more.”

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At Namron, we believe in authentically supporting the local region where we thrive. We are so honored and proud to work with one of the only organic and sustainable farms in the area and incorporate the freshest, most nutritious organic produce in the dishes of our restaurant, NÜ.


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Merida is known as the cultural center of the Yucatán. Only a 3-hour drive from Tulum, it was named the American Capital of Culture twice. Being one of the most livable cities in Mexico…


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We are continuously looking for curious projects and new ventures in hospitality. UMI is Tulum’s latest boutique hotel and retreat proposal managed by Namron Hospitality. Welcome to the family!