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YUCATAN: Mexico’s El Dorado

yucatan: mexico´s el dorado

A historical site of remarkable natural beauty.

Yucatan: A History Rich Peninsula

One of the most significant events in the history of this planet occurred 66 million years ago when a massive asteroid hit the Yucatan Peninsula. It created thousands of present-day cenotes and river systems of pure water underneath the earth’s surface.

The Yucatan is known for its crystal clear blue waters, from the Caribbean Sea to these sweet natural pools scattered throughout the Jungle. Mayan ruins, pueblos mágicos, and foodie destinations make it one of Mexico’s most extraordinary places to visit.

Where to Visit

When traveling from one of our boutique hotels in Tulum, we highly recommend stopping at the Coba Ruins. Coba offers a unique perspective of the ancient civilization, with parts of the city still hidden throughout the Jungle. Climb the 120 steps to make it to the top of the pyramid if you are brave enough.

From Coba, we recommend going straight to Valladolid, only an hour away from Tulum. You can visit a giant cenote in the center of town called Cenote Zaci — take a dip, and walk to the Convent San Bernardino in the evening with a picnic in the grass (we recommend some panuchos from the nearby mark) as you get ready to view art projections displayed on the historical site built in the 16th century at 9pm.

Off the beaten path, close to Valladolid, is Punta Laguna, a Mayan cooperative of families working together to preserve the precious land. This magical site is home to spider monkeys, clear blue lagoon waters, and untouched Jungle pathways.

If you are looking for some of the best beach hotels in Tulum to stay at, La Valise, Nest, and Encantada (to name a few) serve as a journey within an adventure during your Yucatan expedition.

An Agricultural Travel Stop

An absolute foodie must-do is to pay a visit to the organic farm, Mestiza de Indias, an essential agriculture project rescuing native farming traditions and heirloom seeds in the Yucatan.

Gonzalo Samaranch Granados started the farm in the middle of the Jungle, where he grows fruits and vegetables free of agrochemicals. Here the land serves as a space for environmental and social regeneration, and the project offers fair wages and healthy food for team members working on the farm.

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